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10 Days of Jynx: Day 10 — 1 confession

Confession time… I guess what I should confess is that I’m an anxious person. I overthink things, get scared about things easy, and let things really bug me. I mean, I don’t TRY to. I really try to let things not bug me. But the littlest things catch my attention. Missing words in sentences make me think that there may be a hidden meaning. Your tone may tell me that you are annoyed even if you aren’t. Long periods of you not talking to me may make me think you are upset with me. It comes from being part of a very fucked up family growing up. If it happens with you, go ahead and correct me. I don’t notice that I do it until you tell me, and honestly it’s something I want to change about myself.


My best friends pain is my pain. She hurts so bad, and my heart is tearing for her. I can’t wait to talk to her tomorrow to see how she is doing.

And then. I see your name everywhere. It hurts so bad. I want to say that it’s not my fault, but I know it is. Whatever happens… I will learn to live, and I will learn to be happy.

10 Days of Jynx: Day 9 — Two smiles that describe my life.

[o1]  @_@

[o2] >o<

I love you.. So much.

So why am I scared to continue this? :’[

Fucking queue.

You really don’t work do you? Augh.

10 Days of Jynx: Day 8 — 3 turn ons.

[o1] Smiles and laughing. Believe it or not, smiles will warm me up to you so easily. it shows that you really care. Also, laughing makes me have a lot of fun.


[o2] Singing to me. Even if you have a horrible voice, I’ll still love it. There’s something about guys singing to me that makes me happy. Or, play an instrument for me. Same effect.


[o3] HUGS. I’m a VERY touchy feely kind of person. I like hugs. I like holding hands. I like cuddling. I like just being able to touch people. If you’re like anti-people-touching-you, I really can’t be around you without getting extremely annoyed.

10 Days of Jynx: Day 7 — 4 Turn offs.

[o1] Bad Hygiene. Seriously. Bad smells coming from you, unkempt hair, ucky teeth… It grosses me out. The cleaner you are, the better.


[o2] Ignoring me. Seriously. If you like me, you’ll talk to me. If you aren’t talking to me, there is NO WAY that I’ll know.


[o3] Hatred of God. I love god so much, that if you don’t believe in him, or you hate him, I just can’t be with you.


[o4] Selfishness. I mean, I usually like talking more about you then myself. But if everything is about YOU, then FUCK YOU. Mmkay? :D Sometimes, I do actually want to talk about me. AND, I will usually ask what you wanna do if we are hanging out, but it doesn’t hurt to try to beat me to it. :]


The one day I NEED someone to talk to.

Because I’ve cried all day.

Because I WANTED to start cutting again.

Because I almost walked away from this house.

The one day I need someone.

And no one is there.

EVEN when I try to talk to people.

Fuck it all.

Sometimes I think being friends with people isn’t worth it.

The more friends I make, the more I hurt.

Fucking goodnight Tumblr.

Hopefully I’ll feel better in the morning.

Fucking doubt it.


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